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About me

My name is Robert Peele and I live in North Carolina. I am a software developer by day and a hobbyist woodworker by night.

I started making my own custom wood handgun grips on weekends, and am now offering them for sale on this very website.

Each listing is for a unique pair of grips. The pictures are of the actual grips for sale, not a representative sample.

If nothing is listed for sale, I am likely busy with custom projects ordered via email. Feel free to contact me any time with requests or ideas.

Supported models

I plan to build up a substantial library of firearm grips I can offer, and intend to focus mostly on models which do not have aftermarket support from big names.

Currently I can make grips for the following models:

In the past I have made grips for the below models but would want to revisit my design to use my current workholding techniques before making more: